Trade insurance simplified.

Gain more buyers from the EU, use TrustChain to build trust and secure your trading activities across the globe. Cost-effective international high-volume trade insurance ecosystem.

The business potential you lose

37,13 have concerns about trading because of risk or fraud.
At ease about cross-border trading.
Among the 200 EU-based companies surveyed


Trustchain is building bridges between future technology and traditional trading methods, optimally combining technology, trading and legal solutions in the best possible way.

Aimed at removing risk from  trades & payments and rendering them cost effective by leveraging future-proof user authentication and digital smart-contracts.

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Who is it for

Trust is a main factor in trading. It is quintessential to building trading relationships abroad. If you have international suppliers or would like to acquire more buyers from abroad, we can help you build a bridge of trust between you and your partners by managing the risks stemming from a lack of trust. We provide automated legal and settlement services to minimize the risk of fraud, non-compliance and non-payment.

Buyer & Supplier

No EU regulation or INCOTERMS-compliant trade contract
risk lvl.: 60%
Have never met your supplier / buyer
risk lvl.: 70%
Afraid of advance / post crossborder payment
risk lvl.: 80%


EU regulation and INCOTERMS compliant smart contract
risk lvl.: 0%
We know your customer
risk lvl.: 0%
Settlement insurance
risk lvl.: 0%

Why is it good for you

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You will gain more international customers as we are able to reinforce trust between you and your partner with our legal and technology solutions.

You can keep your existing customers by making processes smoother and more cost effective.

You will have peace of mind because we handle the compliance matters for you, our smart-contracts act as bulletproof shields on the battlefield of banking and tax authority compliance within the EU.

Get engaged

Online smart contracting

Online smart contracting platform


Online smart contracting

Bespoke mobile app

for transaction approval & KYC

Online smart contracting

Settlement & payment

Payment agent service

Secret sauce

Online smart contracting


Maximize security based on PKI technology and keep ergonomics high.

Online smart contracting

Less administration

Save time and legal costs with our smart-contracts based on INCOTERMS & e-signature solution.

Online smart contracting

Cost effective

Cut costs with letters of credit & trade insurance, save with escrow tech solutions.

Online smart contracting

Legally binding

Create a non-repudiation signature that is legally binding.


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